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Classes, Art

Fused Glass Butterflies

$65 Non-Member / $52 Member Let your imagination take flight while painting a fused glass butterfly tile.  Make them fanciful, or bring pictures to follow.  All materials provided.  Tiles are […]

Classes, Art

Drawing Bumblebees in Colored Pencil

$ 30 Non-Member / $24 Member The Sonoran Southwest is full of gorgeous flowers that need bees for pollination. In this class we will observe and draw a variety of […]

Classes, Gardening

Color Gardens

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Think that the desert is nothing but shades of brown? Not so. You can have a beautiful outdoor space filled with color all year long. […]

Classes, Culinary Arts

Refreshing Aguas Frescas and Raspados

$75 Non-Member / $60 Member Summer heat is serious business in Sonora, and so is the business of staying cool. Learn how to cool off Sonoran style with an endlessly variable […]

Classes, Nature & Ecology

Arizona’s Snakes

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Arizona is home to almost five dozen species of snake! This may be disconcerting to some, but cause for excitement to others. This class explores […]

Classes, Art

Botanical Art in Watercolor: Squash Blossoms

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member This class is a great introduction to watercolor techniques for botanical art. We will explore part of one of The Three Sister’s Summer series, Squash […]

Classes, Gardening

Landscape Design for Reduced Maintenance

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Learn how to design for beauty while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to high-maintenance requirements. Sadly, landscapes aren't always designed with maintenance in mind. The result? Landscape areas filled with over-pruned plants resembling anonymous green 'blobs' that don't reflect the original design intent. In addition, improper plant selection, watering, and […]

Classes, Art

Creating Beautiful Butterfly Bracelets

$45 Non-Member / $36 Member Create a sparkling butterfly bracelet to remind of their beauty all year round.  Silver finish, made to fit your size.  All materials provided, no previous experience required. Upcoming Classes

Classes, Art

Botanical Drawing for Beginners

$30 Non-Members / $24 Members Open to Youth and Adults We will develop skills for drawing more accurately while observing the amazing detail, color and form of beautiful plants. By understanding some basic features of plants we will successfully illustrate them and gain a better appreciation of their unique beauty.  Supplies: Graphite pencil, paper, bristol […]

Classes, Art

Botanical Art in Watercolor – Beans

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member This class is a great introduction to watercolor techniques for botanical art. We will explore part of two of The Three Sister’s Summer series, Beans. In the first 20 min of the workshop, we will explore basic and common watercolor techniques to get us warmed up. The remaining portion of […]

Classes, Nature & Ecology

The Mysterious, Magical World of Moths

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Join the Garden as we celebrate the 12th annual National Moth Week, exploring the incredible diversity, intriguing biology, and importance of moths. About 10 times more diverse that their butterfly cousins, moths are often dismissed as drab nocturnal pests. That is wrong! While some species are not brightly colored and […]

Classes, Art

Desert Blooms in Watercolor

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Desert wildflowers are the perfect subject for watercolor. With colorful, highly pigmented petals, they lend themselves to the most interesting compositions. We will explore watercolor techniques like wet-on-wet, dry brush and a variety of paint methods to create exquisite desert wildflowers. Supplies: watercolor paint – a small palette will do, brushes […]