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Things You Should Know

Photography Disclaimers

  • Personal photos are allowed throughout the Gardens.
  • Commercial use of photographs are prohibited without the full written consent of Tucson Botanical Gardens.
  • Photo shoots may be arranged by calling (520) 326-9686 ext. *29 or emailing

During your visit you may be filmed, videotaped or photographed by Tucson Botanical Gardens employees or contracted professional. Your admission to the Gardens serves as permission for use of your image by Tucson Botanical Gardens

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Are the Gardens indoor or outdoor?

All garden spaces are outdoors, with the exception of the Cox Butterfly & Orchid Pavilion. There are 5 gallery spaces, 4 indoor and 1 outdoor. The Gardens is open rain or shine.

Can I bring my dog to the Gardens?

No. Only trained service dogs are allowed in the Gardens.
Service animals that are identified with a vest or collar are welcome in the Gardens at no cost.

Dog Days of Summer – Dogs are welcomed to visit with their owners each June – September. Dogs must be leashed and well-behaved. Water stations are available. Dog admission is $5, or you can purchase a seasonal dog membership.

Arizona law prohibits leaving animals unattended and confined in a motor vehicle when physical injury to or death of the animal is likely to result.

Is Butterfly Magic included with admission?

Yes. Butterfly Magic is included with Gardens admission and is open 9:30am to 3:00pm, 7 days a week from Oct 1st through May 31st.

Are wheelchairs available at the Gardens?

Yes. We have several non-motorized wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-serve basis free of charge. Please let the staff know at admissions when you arrive.

Do you offer reciprocal benefits with other botanical gardens?

No. TBG does not participate in any reciprocal programs.

Do I have to pay for admission if I make a reservation at the cafe?

Yes. Guests dining at Edna’s Eatery must pay admission, be a current member, or have guest passes.

Can I smoke in the Gardens?

No. The Gardens is a non-smoking facility, including e-cigarettes.

Can I pick flowers or other plants at the Gardens?

No. Please smell and enjoy our plants but don’t collect or pick any plants or plant materials.

Do you offer public passes?

Yes. We participate in the Pima County Library Culture Pass Program. A Culture Pass can be checked out at select libraries and serve as admission (two people entrance). Click here for more information.

Can I take pictures in the Gardens?

Yes. Personal photos are allowed throughout the Gardens. Photoshoots may be arranged by calling (520) 326-9686 ext. *29 or emailing

Commercial use of photographs are prohibited without the full written consent of Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Membership FAQs…

Should I join/renew my membership before I visit?

You may join/renew online, or when you arrive at the Gardens. Membership materials will arrive by USPS in 2-3 weeks.

If you join/renew online, please have your receipt to use for entrance to the Gardens.

How do I purchase or renew my membership?

Visit the Garden Gift Shop, purchase or renew online, or call Member Services at (520) 326-9686 ext. *13

Can I renew early?

Yes! If you renew your membership before it has expired, your membership will be extended for 1 year from the current expiration date.

Can I apply my admission ticket toward the cost of a membership?

Yes. You can apply your admission ticket towards your membership purchase. This is valid only on the same day of your visit.

Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Yes. You can purchase a gift membership by visiting:
or you can purchase a Gift Membership Packet, in the Garden’s gift shop.

Note: If your gift recipient already has a membership, your gift will extend their membership for an additional year!

How long does it take to process my membership?

Memberships take 2-3 weeks to process.

For memberships purchased or renewed at the Gardens you will receive temporary cards. If you do not have temporary cards please show your Photo ID at Admissions.

How many guest passes will I receive and who can use them?

The number of guest passes depends on your membership level.

Guest passes are one-time use paper tickets and valid for one year and are unable to be replaced. Guest passes may be used by any individual of your choosing for entry to the Gardens. A Member does not need to be present for their guest(s) to use guest passes.

I forgot or lost my membership card. Can I still visit the Gardens?

Yes. Please present a photo ID at Admissions. There is a $2 replacement fee for lost cards.

Can I loan my membership card(s) to somebody else?

No. Membership cards are valid only for the Member(s) listed on the card(s) and are non-transferable. One member named on the card must be present to use the card. You may give your guest passes to anyone you’d like and they can use them without the member present.

In order to protect the benefits of membership, we reserve the right to request photo ID.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. You may upgrade your membership at any time. To upgrade, simply pay the difference between the two levels and you will begin receiving the new benefits immediately. Your membership expiration date will stay the same.

Who can I name on my membership card?

Individual – Primary member only
Dual and up – Primary member + optional secondary member

Children are not named on memberships. If no secondary member is named, your membership card will be listed as ‘Guest’

Can I add additional people to my membership? (i.e. nanny, caretaker, children, your favorite uncle, etc.)

Yes. There is a $20 charge to add a 3rd adult and a $10 charge to add additional children. Membership cards will indicate the number of additional children. Official caretakers may receive free admission as part of your membership. Please call the Membership Department at (520) 326-9686 ext. *13 for details.

The 3rd Adult option applies only to one additional adult per membership. Any additional adults would warrant a separate membership.

Can my child receive free admission with my membership instead of another adult?

Yes. If you have a Dual membership or above, a child may receive free entry in place of another adult. One named member on the card must be present and children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult

Is my membership tax-deductible?

Yes. Any amount paid in excess of the Fair Market Value of the member benefits is tax-deductible.

Individual – $30
Dual – $30
Family – $30
Cholla – $61
2150 Club – $30
Agave – $168
Ocotillo – $226
Saguaro – $296

I have a seasonal address. Where will I receive membership materials?

If you have a seasonal address please contact Member Services at (520) 326-9686 ext. *13 or with both addresses and the dates you reside at each location.

I am moving out of town. Can I discontinue my membership?

You may discontinue your membership at any time by contacting Member Services at (520) 326-9686 ext. *13 or

Membership fees are nonrefundable. You may transfer your membership at the same level to a friend or family member.