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Classes, Nature & Ecology

Cacti of Arizona

$30 | 20% Member discount Cacti are conspicuous and iconic parts of the Arizona landscape. These charismatic plants are textbook examples of surviving in desert regions. In this class we explore the diversity, biology, and adaptations of cacti that are found in Arizona. We will also discuss the identification of the various groups of Arizona […]


Backyard Chickens: Housing, Breeds, and Husbandry

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member This will be an egg-gaging presentation covering basic chicken husbandry and care for the “lay” person. Topics will include common breeds, housing, nutrition, common diseases and parasites. Instructor Jennifer Serling Jennifer Serling has been a credentialed veterinary technician since 1992. Her specialty is in large animal nursing however her vast […]

Classes, Art

Botanical Art in Watercolor: Desert Penstemon

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Art materials are not included in the price of this class. Please provide your own materials. This class is a great introduction to watercolor techniques for botanical art. We will explore Desert Penstemon Blooms through a unique medium that has been used by artists and illustrators throughout the years. These […]

Classes, Gardening

Creating Shade in a Hot, Dry Climate

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Living in the desert means that we need to deal with the heat of summer and so do our plants. Thankfully, we can create outdoor spaces that thrive despite the heat. In this class, Noelle Johnson ‘AZ Plant Lady’ will share her favorite heat-tolerant plants and landscape practices to make […]

Classes, Gardening

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

$40 In this 1.5 hour course Chad will discuss the role fungi and mushrooms play in our ecology, and go over cultivation and propagation techniques. We also will discuss the many benefits of fungi to the garden and gardener alike. Participants will have the opportunity to create and take home a grow bag of oyster […]

Classes, Art

Watercolor Nature Drawing Inspired by Beatrix Potter

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Art materials are not included in the price of this class. Please provide your own materials. Learn drawing and painting techniques inspired by Beatrix Potter, a naturalist, illustrator and scientist. This creative class will guide students, beginners and advanced alike, to closely observe nature and create beautiful illustrations inspired by […]

Classes, Art

Nature Photography in the Gardens

$75 Non-Member / $60 Member Do you have the passion to capture the splendor of nature through your camera? Want to learn how to take great outdoor shots? This might be just the Nature and Landscape Photography course that will get you started. Give yourself an excuse to get outside and explore the beauty of […]

Classes, Art

Watercolor Butterflies

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Art materials are not included in price of this class. Please provide your own materials. Capture the beauty of some of nature’s most conspicuous creatures. Illustrator and artist Devon Meyer will give step-by-step instruction on drawing butterflies in perspective and mark-making techniques. Beginner to intermediate sketching and watercolor. Supplies: Paper, […]

Classes, Nature & Ecology

Orchids of North America

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Orchids make up one of the most speciose plant families in the world, with over 26,000 species. With all of those species, there is a huge range of life styles and forms within this family. Some are astonishingly beautiful or elaborately shaped. Others are drab in comparison. Orchids also possess […]

Classes, Art

Botanical Art in Pen & Ink: Sketching Desert Wildflowers

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Art materials are not included in the price of this class. Please provide your own materials. This class is a great introduction to pen & ink techniques using botany as our main subject. The specific theme for this class: desert wildflowers. The tools and techniques shared in this workshop will […]

Classes, Gardening

Heat Proof Your Desert Garden

$30 Non-Member / $24 Member Rising summer temperatures add additional stress to plants in your garden – and to you! However, there are strategies to help your garden become more resilient to hot temperatures. In this class, Noelle Johnson, AZ Plant Lady, will share her favorite attractive heat-proof plants and other ways to minimize the […]

Classes, Gardening

Love Your Pots All Summer

$36 Non-Member / $29 Member Are you already counting the days until summer is over? Do you love your pots but it's too hot to take care of them?Join Marylee for this interactive online class from your airconditioned home. Marylee will discuss simple steps to keep your pots in top shape while spending little time […]