Current ExhibitSep 16–Jan 2

Alien Invasion of the Plant Kind

Pop culture is full of references to monstrous alien plants that invade worlds, but invasive plants can also take over our local ecosystem. Discover intergalactic plant invaders featured in sci-fi films, novels, and comics such as The Day of the Triffids and Little Shop of Horrors.

On your journey, you will also discover how Earth’s real plants can invade new territory and the very real problems they can cause. Learn about ways you can help protect planet Earth and your local ecosystem from the invaders!

Current Exhibits

Sep 8–Jan 14

Enchanted Gardens

Sculptures by John Benedict

Sep 9–Dec 31

La Calavera Catrina

Sculptures by Ricardo Soltero

Sep 28–Jan 4

Drawn to the Desert

Botanical Illustrations by Joan McGann