Current ExhibitJan 19–Jun 30


Photographs by Vicky Stromee & Catherine Harold 

A Journey to the Bottom of the World

A land of superlatives, Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, and windiest continent on Earth and the world’s largest desert. In 2021, photographers Catherine Harold and Vicky Stromee traveled to this formidable outpost to explore its pristine landscape of icy mountains, immense icebergs, and distinctive wildlife.

Come and experience Antarctica through large-scale images of ice-shrouded mountains, graphic explorations of deep blue ice shaped by wind and water, and intimate studies of iconic penguins and other birds who call this daunting environment home.

As a special treat for kids, the show will also include a series of photo-illustrations from Vicky’s acclaimed children’s book, Koo and the Long Dark Night. Through engaging creatures and majestic landscapes, it tells the tale of a young Gentoo penguin who is separated from her family and finds her courage and resolve in the face of fear.

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