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Lecture on the Matthew B. Johnson Florilegium Exhibit

April 27 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

In Person Porter Hall

Free with Gardens Admission. Registration Required.

Hear from Dr. Tanya Quist, Director of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum, as she talks about the amazing collaboration that took place to create the intricate illustrations of the plants features in the University’s historic Joseph Wood Krutch garden.

The florilegium exhibit is comprised of exquisitely detailed scientific illustrations of the plants in the University of Arizona’s historic Joseph Wood Krutch Garden. The exhibit aims to encourage awareness of the Sonoran native plants of this garden and to inspire care and use of these extraordinary plant species. The collection is now named for Tucson botanist, Matthew B. Johnson, whose dedication to the project ensured its scientific accuracy. This presentation will tell the story of the Krutch Garden, reveal the beauty of many of its floral inhabitants, and leave you inspired by science.

Header Image: Myrtillocactus cochal “Cochal”, by Chris Bondante


Tanya M. Quist, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Practice, School of Plant Sciences
Director, University of Arizona Campus Arboretum

Tanya Quist received degrees in horticulture science and a Ph.D. in plant Physiology from Purdue University where she studied the physiological and genetic regulation of plant stress response. This background informs her work in instruction as an Associate Professor of Practice in the School of Plant Sciences where she teaches plant propagation, plant biology, plant physiology, and introduction to urban horticulture. In her role as Director of the UArizona Campus Arboretum, Tanya provides university leadership relating to landscape curation, plant selection, and other sustainable landscape management practices. The arboretum program also aims to promote both by example and through outreach activities, the application of university science on campus and in other urban landscapes throughout the state.

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