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Cholla Blossom Coloring Page – by Adela Antoinette

You can print this custom illustration by one of our instructors, Adela Antoinette, and color it at home!

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My New Backyard Garden – A Downloadable Story & Coloring Book

Families can print this pdf at home and have some reading and coloring time while learning about plants of the desert. In English and en Español!

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CLICK HERE to download the book!

My New Backyard Garden Coloring book was written by Rita Maria Magdaleno, Illustrated by Sue Betanzos and funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum Library Services

Children’s Field Journal

Pick-up a map of the Gardens made just for kids and families during your next visit.  The map highlights some of our favorite areas for children and includes prompts to encourage more careful observation in each garden.  Bring a pencil/pen to fill in and personalize your map

Youth Horticulture Club


The Youth Horticulture Club is a service-learning opportunity for high school students seeking graduation credit or apprenticeship and mentoring experiences. Joining our Youth Horticulture Club allows students to learn about biology related careers, to engage in horticulture activities and to learn indigenous methods of farming and agriculture. The club is responsible for cultivating a native crops garden, organizing educational meetings with community horticulture experts and engaging in multi-generational dialogue about gardening techniques and careers.  Students democratically govern themselves through a teen governance board. We will work with each student to meet his or her individual needs and school requirements.

Please contact Katie Rogerson at education1@tucsonbotanical.org to learn more and to apply to participate.