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Red Trailer Farm & Cactus Car

February 6 @ 8:30 am - August 31 @ 4:30 pm

Red Trailer Farm & Cactus Car

Feb. 6 – Aug. 31

Experience a whole new kind of food truck at TBG!

Tucson has a wonderful food culture, exhibited by our UNESCO distinction, delicious restaurants, and prosperous food trucks. From our culinary heritage, a tapestry of Mexican and Native American traditions, delicious and creative food trucks have become established all around the city.

The Tucson Botanical Gardens is getting in on the fun.

A vehicle located in the center of the Gardens will be filled top to bottom with …. This exhibit is an opportunity to show people that fresh produce can find its niche and flourish in unique places.


The Red Trailer Farm

This former World War II ammunitions trailer is now equipped with grow-lights and utilizes straw bale gardening techniques.

Straw bale gardening uses the bales themselves as both garden bed and growing medium, resulting in an affordable method of growing organic vegetables.

1955 Willy’s Truck is on loan from TBG Board Member Michael Lex.




Artichoke – Winter savory – Rainbow chard – Borage – Snow pea – Shell Pea

Nasturtium – Fava bean – Sage – Miners lettuce – Fennel – Purple cabbage

Green cabbage – Strawberry spinach – Spinach – Red Russian kale – Arugula – Lettuce

Curly kale – Broccoli – Rosemary – Chrysanthemum – Rue – Italian parsley

Oyster mushrooms – Longevity spinach – Sorel – Brussel sprouts – Poc Choi


The Cactus Car

Planting plants and flowers in containers dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Today it’s not unusual to see household items such as bathtubs, tires, wood chairs, sinks, and even abandoned cars and trucks repurposed into unusual, whimsical and often useful containers for plants and flowers.

Purchased for $350.00, the Cactus Car was fondly referred to as the “Rusty Bug”. After a lot of cleaning, sanding and a fresh coat of paint, Garden staff filled the vintage VW Beetle with over 240 cacti and succulents.

The Cactus Car features cacti and succulents from five plant families: Aloeaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asparagaceae, Agavaceae, and Cactaceae.


Plants for the Cactus Car were generously donated by Ponderosa Nursery.




February 6 @ 8:30 am
August 31 @ 4:30 pm