Year 1- Wild about Wildflowers

Annotated Bibliography

Agave Blooms Just Once 1989.
Gisela Jernigan, Illustrated by E. Wesley Jernigan. Harbinger House, Tucson, Arizona. Illustrated verses present plants and animals of the desert from A to Z.

Alejandro’s Gift 1994.
Richard E. Albert. Illustrated by Sylvia Long. Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California. Lonely in his house beside a road in the desert, Alejandro builds an oasis to attract the many animals around him.

Ancient Harvest Coloring/Learning Book 2000.
Conrad J. Storad & Elaine Joyal, Illustrated by Donna S. Atwood. Donna Atwood Design, Phoenix, Arizona. A selection of favorite plants used by Native Americans of the Southwest.

Baby Rattlesnake 1989.
Told By Te Ata, Adapted by Lynn Moroney, Illustrated by Veg Reisberg Children’s Book Press, San Francisco, California. Willful Baby Rattlesnake throws tantrums to get his rattle before he’s ready, but he misuses it and learns a lesson.

Cactus Café, A Story of the Sonoran Desert 1997.
Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Illustrated by Paul Mirocha Sound Prints, Trudy Corporation, Norwalk, Connecticut. Describes the activities of various animals living in the Sonoran Desert and their dependence on the saguaro cactus for sustenance.

Cactus Hotel 1991.
Brenda Z. Guiberson, Illustrated by Megan Lloyd. Henry Holt & Co. New York. Summary: Describes the life cycle of the giant saguaro cactus with an emphasis on its role as a home for other desert dwellers.

Correctamundo! Prickly Pete’s Guide to Desert Facts and Cactifracts 2001.
David Lazaroff. Illustrated by Preston Neel. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona. Fun facts about the desert and its inhabitants presented in true and false mode with imaginative illustrations.

Creatures of the Desert World 1987.
Barbara Gibson (Illustrator). The National Geographic Society. An action book depicting life-like scenes from the Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants.

Desert Babies - A Coloring Book 2000.
Beth Neely & Don Rantz. Lomas Publishing, Tucson, Arizona. Sonoran Desert creatures to color, with catchy verse.

Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus 1989.
Barbara Bash. Sierra Club Books/Little, Brown & Co., Boston. Documents the life cycle and ecosystem of the giant saguaro cactus and the desert animals it helps to support.

Desert Song 2000. Tony Johnston.
Illustrated by Ed Young. Sierra Club Books for Children, San Francisco, CA. Summary: As the heat of the desert fades into night, various nocturnal animals, including bats, coyotes and snakes, venture out to find food.

Desert Wildlife of the Southwest Coloring Album 1974.
Rita Warner. MC Creations, Mesa, Arizona. Superb illustrations and text for animals, birds and reptiles, together with native plants for coloring.

Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale 2001. April Pulley Sayre. Illustrated by Barbara Bush. Greenwillow Books, Singapore. Summary: A spadefoot toad waits under the sand for rain, hears the sounds of other desert animals, and eventually mates and spawns other toads.

Don’t Call Me Pig! A Javelina Story 1999-2002. Conrad J. Storad.
Illustrated by Beth Neely and Don Rantz. Resort Gifts Unlimited, Inc., Tempe, Arizona. A story of the collared peccary with brightly colored and realistic water color/ pen and ink illustrations of desert flowers and creatures.

Fairy Dusters and Blazing Stars – Exploring Wildflowers with Children 1994.
Suzanne Samson. Illustrated by Preston Neel. Roberts Reinhart Publishers, Niwot, Colorado. A schoolteacher and an artist use whimsy and imagination to teach about thirty wildflowers and where to find them.

Listen to the Desert - Oye al Desierto 1994.
Pat Mora, Illustrated by Francisco X. Mora. Clarion Books, New York. Attractive book with simple repetitive text in both English and Spanish for introducing the desert to young children.

Little Lords of the Desert Coloring/Learning Book 1998.
Conrad J. Storad, Illustrated by Donna S. Atwood. Donna Atwood Design, Phoenix, Arizona. An educational coloring book featuring spiders and insects of the Great American Deserts.

Lizards for Lunch – A Roadrunner’s Tale 2001.
Conrad J. Storad. Illustrated by Beth Neely and Don Rantz. Resort Gifts Unlimited, Inc., Tempe, Arizona. How the roadrunner gets his lunch is explained in poem format with colorful illustrations of the desert.

One Green Mesquite Tree 1988.
Gisela Jernigan, Illustrated by E. Wesley Jernigan. Harbinger House, Inc., Tucson, Arizona. A beautifully illustrated story introducing the numbers one through twenty in rhymed text describing various plants and animals of the desert.

Sing Down the Rain 1997.
Judi Moreillon, Illustrated by Michael Chiago. Kiva Publishing, Walnut, California. A poem about the Tohono O’odham Saguaro wine ceremony, their most important harvest celebration.

Soft Child – How Rattlesnake Got its Fangs 1993.
Joe Hayes, Illustrated by Kay Sather. Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Boulder, Colorado. A lesson of respect for all in the retelling of a Tohono O'odham folktale.

Sonoran Desert A to Z Coloring/Learning Book 2002.
Conrad J. Storad, Illustrated by Donna S. Atwood. Donna Atwood Design, Phoeniz, Arizona. A creative approach to the natural history of the Sonoran Desert.

Sonoran Seasons: A Year in the Desert 1994. Gisela Jernigan. Illustrated by E. Wesley Jernigan. Harbinger House, Inc. Tucson, AZ. Many fascinating secrets of the great Sonoran Desert of the southwest United States and northern Mexico are revealed as bright blossoms and edible fruits appear month-by-month in an environment normally thought of as dry and desolate.

The Sonoran Desert by Day and Night 2002 Dot Barlowe.
Dover Publications, Inc. Mineola, New York. Entertaining and educational coloring book with 29 detailed and accurate illustrations of desert plants and animals plus short text.

The Three Little Javelinas 1992.
Susan Lowell, Illustrated by Jim Harris. Northland Publishing Co. Flagstaff, Arizona. Summary: A southwestern adaptation of “The Three Little Pigs”.

Way Out in the Desert 1998.
T.J.Marsh and Jennifer Ward. Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler. Rising Moon, Northland Publishing Co, Flagstaff, Arizona. Rhyming text to the tune of "Over in the Meadow" accompanies illustrations of desert plants and animals.

Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank 1993.
Jillian Lund. Puffin Books. Penguin Putnam, New York. Frank the coyote enjoys his desert home and spending time with his friends and by himself.

Welcome to the Sea of Sand 1996. Jane Yolen.
Illustrated by Laura Regan. G.P.Putman's Sons, New York. Poetic text and colorful illustrations bring the extraordinary world of the Sonoran Desert to brilliant life.

The Wild Desert Coloring Book 2001.
Ken Spengler. Rising Moon, Northland Publishers, Flagstaff, Arizona. Line drawings of desert animals and plants to color.

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